Anderson Brown PLLC

US ATTORNEYS FOR AMERICAN VENTURES and entrepreneurs since 1979

Practice Areas:

Intellectual Property - trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, patents

                                   unfair competition, corporate compliance, anti-

                                   counterfeiting, online monitoring, raids & seizures

Corporate,  Mergers and Acquisitions - due diligence, target identification,

                                   opinion of counsel, buy/sell agreements, shareholder

                                   agreements, affiliate service agreements, employ-

                                   ment agreements, non-competition agreements, and

                                   related agreements and arrangements, including corporate

                                   governance and best practices

Technology License Agreements and Joint Ventures - all facets of technical

                                   relationship, innovation business arrangements, limited

                                   license agreements as to field of use, geographic scope, and time, license involving cross-border                                            rights , sensitive technologies requiring highly sophisticated NDA's, BOT, BOL, and other arrangements 

Financing, Investments, Angel Funding - PPM, Reg D, contractual arrangements, debt financing, angel investors, Chinese                                      investors, mezzinine financing, hedge funds, vc's, SBA, creative financing

Real Estate - Due diligence, buy/sell, environmental risk assessments, REIT's, Closings, financing

Litigation - all facets of litigation, including contractual disputes, technology disputes, patent/trademark disputes, arbitration and mediation, in substantive fields such as  intellectual property, securities, commercial litigation, antitrust,  product liability, unfair competition, financial services, trade secrets, privacy, and employment.

FCPA and Anti-Corruption/Corporate Compliance -  Our Global Anti-Corruption

practice has deep experience into this complex area of the law, and we often been retained

by clients  who seek our guidance in:  Developing and Testing Compliance Programs
Mitigating Risk in Business Partner Relationships,  Performing Transactional Due

Diligence,  Undertaking Internal Investigations, Defending Against Enforcement

Agencies in the United States and Abroad Conducting Risk Assessments, particularly in the 

People's Republic of China.  

Regulatory Compliance - Our regulatory practices include dealing with environmental agencies, food and drug administration, antitrust and competition law, communications, energy,  privacy and data security, and transportation.

 Practice Philosophy:

We advise and provide our clients with a transaction platform for success.  We listen

to our clients' needs, custom tailor a solution that fits their objectives, and then

zealously and diligently work to achieve that goal without compromise.  Client

privacy, interest and well-being are our utmost concern.  At Anderson Brown, we not 

only know, but we know how - how to achieve client objectives; how to deliver top

quality services efficiently; how to engage client in every move we make; how to

achieve success where others failed.

On the transaction side, we not only connect our clients with fundraising activities with high net worth individuals, but also China’s private companies, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions.  We actively represent clients in M&A, domestic as well as cross border transactions, both inbound and outbound to China.  Our lawyers believe that our goal as facilitators is to find ways to positively impact our clients’ business through solid marshaling of legal regulations to the benefit of the clients and to be as creative as we possibly can so we can help achieve superior results and efficient transaction execution without detracting clients from the operations of their day-to-day business.